What is synthetic data?

In its most basic form, synthetic data is simply a collection of samples generated using a program. As these generated samples do not represent living entities, synthetic data is free from privacy risks. Our technology specialises in generating synthetic tabular data that closely mimics the properties of original data thereby unlocking sensitive data to be effectively shared without breaching the privacy of individuals.

The Gtrix Core

The backbone of Generatrix is the Gtrix Core, an AI-powered technology that makes the synthetic data generation process possible while providing all of the needed functionalities in a single easy to use program.

The Gtrix Core provides familiar usability and easily integrates into your organisation without disrupting your workflow. It can be broken down into the following two main components: 

The Gtrix Desktop App

  • Easy install for macOS, Windows and Linux.

  • Intuitive UI design with a minimal learning curve

  • Automatic assessment of synthetic data quality and security

The Gtrix CLI 

  • Easily merges with existing ML infrastructure 

  • Ready to deploy on a range of cloud services

  • Automatic assessment of synthetic data quality and security