Use Cases

Our solution can prevent user to upload data to public cloud, protect their privacy, while it also allows user to ”pay as you go”.

Organizing Data


Multinational banks and insurance companies possess large quantities of valuable data stored at different branches across the world. For instance, datasets pertaining to identifying credit card fraud or money laundering. When combined across national silos, they may significantly improve identifying criminal activity globally.

GDPR and other regulations restrict the local branches from sharing this data. Typically data sharing requires multiple teams of data scientists and lawyers working full-time for months to utilize the data safely.

With Generatrix, regulation compliance is made easy and fast. Our technology synthesizes privacy secure data with a click of a button and fosters greater innovation within organisations.



Hospitals collect patient data on a daily basis. As a result, there is a large growing pile of highly useful medical data that can be shared with pharmaceutical companies for discovering new drugs or with other hospitals to conduct collaborative research

However, sharing medical data is expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, useful information is excessively destroyed while ensuring sufficient privacy safety using existing anonymizing techniques.

Generatrix enables
 privacy secure, high utility data sharing by better preserving the true properties of the original data. This allows hospitals to effectively share their data for collecting revenue


E-commerce platforms and online retailers extensively rely on powerful predictive models built using sensitive customer data to better understand and service their customer's evolving needs. 

storing sensitive information of their customers for lengthy durations involves a great risk of leaking privacy and therefore experiencing expensive fines

With Generatrix, precious customer insights can be stored securely in the form of synthetic data. This not only enables businesses to safely collect sensitive customer information for longer durations but also to enrich existing predictive models by harnessing synthetic data.

Other fields

In reality, there are infinitely many other possible useful applications of our technology. Curious to hear what synthetic data can do for your company? Please get in touch and we can arrange a meeting with one of our synthetic data generation experts!