Our vision

We believe in the important role data can play in enabling organizations around the world to improve the lives of individuals through analysis. Current technology however either compromises privacy or destroys the value to preserve it. Therefore, we formed Generatrix and developed a beyond state-of-the-art synthetic data generator that allows for safe big data knowledge discoveries.

Our team

We are comprised of machine learning fanatics and together we have over 40 years of industrial and academic experience. We only work with cutting edge technology and are highly active at the forefront of the scientific synthetic data generation community. 


Associate professor at the TU Delft and has industrial experience from working at IBM for 11+ years.  Head of Distributed Intelligent Systems Lab.

Business Strategy Head

Industrial Design MSc, TU Delft, and Econometrics MA, VU Amsterdam. Refined strategist with an entrepreneurial heart. Has built three successful companies.

Research & Development

Artificial Intelligence MSc, TU Delft, strong background in software engineering. Previously interned at MongoDB, AWS, and Facebook. Also worked on synthetic data generation pipelines for CNNs.


Post-doc at TU Delft and has experience working as a lead data engineer for 3 years at Miro Health (a San Francisco based startup).

Business Development

Data Science MSc, TU Delft, performed his master's thesis on synthetic tabular data generation via GANs and was a finalist in the Impact Contest of TU Delft in 2020.

Research & Development

Artificial Intelligence MSc, TU Delft, heavily experienced with deep learning. Published a workshop paper on synthetic music generation at NIPs 2020.